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    UK Top 100 Classical Works

    Below is the Top 10, but click on the link to go to the complete Top 100 listing         Of course, one of the most off-putting features of the classical world is that each of these great works is available in a gazillion versions. We overcome this problem by identifying a recommended recording for each work –  balancing playability, sound quality, value and, crucially, availability.  In our view there’s really no point in recommending that extraordinary Barbirolli version if you can’t obtain it for love or money… For added enjoyment, we have also put together brief composer biographies – well, thumbnail sketches would be closer to the truth –…

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    An indispensable guide to classical music

    Our Top 100 serves as the starting point for building a classical library. Based on performance frequency and CD sales data from the UK and the USA this list represents the core works of the classical repertoire. Now available in national flavours to reflect differing local tastes.  Caffeine-free or full-fat for you? To supplement our Top 100 list we also have a number of ‘voluntary’ additions such as our listing of ‘must have’ operas. Feel free to sprinkle these on to your musical banquet to suit your tastes.  For some, opera is the gateway to classical music, for others it is an impossible hurdle.  Add these when you feel ready!…

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    The Odbo: The Best Skin Care Product Of All

      Don’t obtain us incorrect; we like that you wash your face. How do you clean your face? Does your face-wash wash off the day’s dust without skin damage? At some time, trying those inefficient and synthetic skin treatments is additionally delivering unfavorable effects for individuals. For brief therapies for your oily face, you should lug around with oil blotting documents. Additionally, attempt to slowly change hydrogenated fats with much healthier fats like polyunsaturated or monounsaturated, omega-3s (fish oil) are also better for males’ skincare since they have profound anti-inflammatory and skin recovery homes. While this is absolutely an excellent practice to do when or two times a day, over-washing…

  • simple men's skincare routine

    Greatest Face Wash, Best Moisturizer, & Sunscreen For Men

      Start looking for: Products that will not strip the skin of its natural oils also encourage the moisture barrier. Lizard leathers, which are chubby or untreated, rely upon oils to maintain suitable color. You’ve got some constraints since we’re exposed to the sun more frequently. Unlike lotions (that are normally unstable chemicals), serums supply more secure chemicals for active components to work with their magic – meaning stronger advantages for the skin. This gives a coating of moisture onto your face, while also helping to raise and firm skin. Not only can it be oil-free, additionally, but it also supplies moisture out of hyaluronic acid; it is among my…