UK Top 100 Classical Works

Below is the Top 10, but click on the link to go to the complete Top 100 listing


Of course, one of the most off-putting features of the classical world is that each of these great works is available in a gazillion versions.

We overcome this problem by identifying a recommended recording for each work –  balancing playability, sound quality, value and, crucially, availability.  In our view there’s really no point in recommending that extraordinary Barbirolli version if you can’t obtain it for love or money…

For added enjoyment, we have also put together brief composer biographies – well, thumbnail sketches would be closer to the truth – so that you can understand these works in the context that they were written.
Together with notes on performers and performances this background information should provide some easy paths to identify areas for further research – get your homework done in record time.

Before the classical bug starts to take hold and you begin to wonder how you can survive without the full set of Bach Cantatas, there are some works which are most easily acquired as sets. Beethoven, Mahler and Haydn symphonies, Mozart piano concertoes – we have identified the Box Set starter kit.