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Three Good Reasons To Consider A PPC Campaign


Unless you have been in outer space, or perhaps asleep for the last 18 months, you will know that we have been in a fairly serious global recession. Most economies seem to be climbing out of this downturn so now may just be the best time to start a PPC campaign. There are some good reasons behind this train of thought.

Customers – as economies improve, and more importantly, as economists and politicians talk up the economy, people start to open their wallets. This is often one of the major factors behind an economic upturn. If people are spending more – will they find you?

Business – it’s an economic circle. As people spend, businesses advertise. This leads to more spending and, of course, more advertising. If you get in now, you may find you can buy clicks at a reasonable price. Wait another month or two and the prices may start to climb again.

PPC Agents– PPC agents like Google Adwords want your business and they want it now. Many of these companies have bonus offers available although they can be hard to find at times. I have seen Adwords bonuses of US$75 on offer – that’s US$75 worth of free advertising. Take advantage of these offers now because as the economy grows, they will not need to offer bonuses to lure in new customers.

That’s three good reasons that I can think of that make starting a PPC campaign now rather attractive. One more month and you will be well and truly into the Christmas advertising rush.

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