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Through goggles with virtual reality a father saw the birth of his son in another city


Being four thousand kilometers from his family, an Australian was able to be present at the birth of his son with the help of glasses with virtual reality. A resident of Perth Jays Lark watched the birth of his child in real-time, being in Queensland, says Sydney Morning Herald. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Services UK

Jace is the only breadwinner in the family. Wanting to earn some money, he signed a contract according to which he had to work in another city. Due to this fact he could not present at the birth. “We were afraid that the authorities will not let Jace to go home shortly before the end of his contract,” – told his wife Alison to reporters.

Then the couple decided to resort to using high-tech as they both very expected the birth of their third child. They contacted Samsung company, which recently launched the sale of the Gear VR headset, and became participants of the pilot project of the company. Jace was given a helmet of virtual reality, and special equipment was installed in the hospital where his wife gave birth. Both parents had headphones and microphones so they could talk.

Alison said that she had great help with words of encouragement from her husband, and she felt his presence nearby through the camcorder.

Air from concerts of Kanye West is sold ​​on eBay

Fans of Kanye West, who have the opportunity to attend his concerts, decided to cash in on those fans of his work, who for some reason can not afford it. Bags full of air from show of the popular actor were put on the internet auction on eBay.

Currently you can find dozens of such proposals, which, at first glance, seem absurd, on eBay. The cost of these items range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.

According to The Telegraph, “The most expensive package with a “concert” air was sold for 60 thousand dollars”.

The owner of the lot claimed that he stood in the forefront on the Kanye West concert in Pennsylvania and carefully stacked the sweat of the artist into it. However, no evidence that the American was really close to the rapper, was not revealed. As a result, online auction management decided to withdraw such a controversial item from the auction two days before graduation.

Numerous eBay customers immediately began to parody greedy users of Internet site by selling packages with “a real air from concert of Kanye.” In addition to these packages on eBay at the moment you can buy bags of air from performances of Justin Bieber and a pop band “One Direction”.

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